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Jan. 23rd, 2012 12:02 pm
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Wrote this the other day as my re-introductory post to livejournal before realizing that I have options...far superior options at alas, whenever I mention LJ or the anonymity of having but three readers, just replace LJ with "dreamwidth" and "two or three people" with (your name here):

Going to be hanging 'round these parts a bit more now that I've managed to slow my pace and stop running in leaps and bounds from the past, also, I miss Livejournal, also, only about two or three people will be reading this, so it feels both semi-private and, iono, kinda intimate, which is vastly preferred to trying to maintain a tumblr that actually contains words and not just reappropriated artwork and macros ( words which in turn bum people out and get me banned from music venues, haha, but I digress) That said, I know I've been a stranger, so I'll start by re-introducing myself to all three friend who may peruse this thing.

My name is Jon Christian Yates. I've been on this earth for twenty-five years, and spent most of 'em in Orange County, California, a place that manages to be both uniquely stifling/uneventful and like just about any other planned community/suburb that dots a map of the states. Since the age of ten I've only had contact with the maternal side of my family, and wouldn't have it any other way- my family is as rowdy a bunch of working class, defiantly American badasses who have informed my life in both positive (taught me to hate the police, question authority, and think for myself...) and negative (...mostly by dint of being on the wrong side of the law, which unfortunately is something I too have inherited) ways, and who I've come to appreciate far too late in the game, sadly.

My best friend throughout my life has always been my Uncle Johnny. As a child, I looked to him as a father figure before my own dad saw fit to enter the fray. I idolized my uncle- he introduced me to music, pot, skateboarding, and the idea that no matter what I did, I would always have someone who loves me and whom I could turn to. I can't count the number of times in the past few years he told me that I'm always welcome in his home, or he cooked amazing stoner feasts to cheer me up; even the way he said my name espoused a love for me that knew no bounds. And now he is dead, and pointlessly at that. Forty years, three kids, and all it took was a handful of pills, a bottle of vodka, and one ignorant pig of a wife to leave him lying face down to choke on his own vomit (trying my best to exorcise the anger I feel towards her, but it sure beats coping with loss, no?). Either way, his death was the final nail in the coffin of my (extended) youth- a hammer of bona-fide all-caps GNOSIS to the temple like no other.

As I have on-and-off throughout life, I am currently residing in my birthplace of Anaheim, this time around with my Grandma Jackie, the other MVP contender for best-friend-above-all-others, helping her out as much as I possibly can. Since early 2010, she has been suffering from an immune-deficiency that has crippled her kidneys, and the one-two punch of my Grandpa's death-by-pitbull in August of that year and my Uncle's "death by misadventure" of late has left her in a pretty bleak place indeed. As of now, she is my number one priority above all else.

My other priorities are coming to fruition at an ever-quickening pace. Among these is having a set of wheels, which I will within the month when I fork over a VERY nominal sum to my best non-family friend, Christina (or half my best friend, as Christina, Tyler, and I form an Axis of Evil to be reckoned with, a trifecta of feckless, feeble fiends who will fuck your shit up, freelz) for her memory(and mileage)-laden Toyota Camry, now that she is the proud owner of a Mercedes-Benz (true story!). As far as other "new year's resolutions" go, some comfort binging (food, drugs, drink, stripclubs even) following my Uncle's passing has given way to a newfound desire to get back in shape, and once I have all my ducks in a row car-wise and health-wise, I'm re-enrolling in school and throwing myself head-first into getting a degree with as few student loans as possible.

For years, I was in a really bad place- I was selfish, self-absorbed, unjustifiably shallow, cynical, unhappy, and always wanting MORE, but I feel like that freefall ended in a splat, and out of the wreckage and viscera climbs a new Jon Yates, reading to meet challenges head-on and make a difference, however miniscule. Or maybe I'm just the same sophmoric schlub, but I certainly feel excited about the POSSIBLITIES of the future in a way that I haven't since, iono, high school graduation? My first time doing acid or a lady? Only this time around, I'm doing things the right way- setting attainable goals and putting those goals first before any of my weaknesses -particularly the opposite sex and harder drugs, which will have to wait until I have enough money/time/degrees to justify indulging.

Anyways...Jon, 25, Libra, gnostic/agnostic, autodidact, socialist, music geek, movie fanatic, and prone to extreme excesses of verbiage. Pleased to (re)make your acquaintance, Livejournal Dreamwidth.


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